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can't create commerce elements after upgrading from umbraco 4.0.4 to umbraco

the "pop up" div apears with the following error (example: when trying to create a new product): Server Error in '/' Application. ERROR CREATING CONTROL FOR NODETYPE: initproducts Description: An ...

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install error

Got the following error when attempting install on 4.0.3, installing as local package, and package was retrieved from CodePlex Could not upload file System.Exception: Error unpacking extension... -...

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Error on checkout3: Index 0 is out of range

Getting this error on a fresh install of umbraco 4.0.3 with commerce4umbraco beta 1.0. Bit of a .net newbie so haven't found a way to debug it. Have looked in windows event viewer and turned umbDeb...

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Cannot load product tree on Umbraco 4.1 beta

Hi I'm testing the commerce package with Umbraco v4.1 beta. It's quite ok but the product tree only show a..z node and cannot expand to next level.

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Object moved to here.

I am receiving this message when I try to click the add to cart button from the micro cart. I also cannot add to cart (assuming it has to do with same message). I am using Umbraco Same mes...

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Catalog Control for products without image exception

Hi! I find one issue in your Catalog control: For example, I create new product, and no set Image tor this product. Then I set some category for this product and open this category ( using Commerce...

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ProductPicker type doesn't store correct productID and it doesn't maintain state in editor on refresh

When adding a custom field to a DocumentType of type ProductPicker and then editing a document of that type, using the ProductPicker doesn't store the correct productID and always resets to the fir...

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Error while deleting product

Hi again! I have new error: When I try to delete product from admin section. after I press OK button, I find error: The server method 'Delete' failed with the following error: System.IO.FileNotFou...

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Cant create product using UI

Hi i'm from Russia. Today I install commerce and find one problem: In Commerce admin section I try to create a new product, for example "Test Poduct" (Products->Create) And I see create product win...

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Keyword not supported: 'datalayer'.

Hi, I have just installed the commerce package onto a clean installtion of Umbraco. I publised all the pages and browsed to the home and received the following error: ArgumentException: Keyword ...

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