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Here are some pointers to help you get rolling - if you install via the included Package (attached below) the below tasks are completed automatically:

*Since there are no Admin screens in this build we recommend you install dashCommerce 2.2 to serve as your Admin site
*You'll need to update your Umbraco installation's web.config with the entries from the provided sample.config
*We haven't included the Umbraco Templates and Document Types you'll need - these are simple
*Create an Umbraco Macro for the userControls; Catalog, Product, and Checkout
*Create a Template for the userControls; Catalog, Product, and Checkout
*Create a Document Type and allow the above Templates
*Add a Property to the Document Type: manufacturerID (textstring)
*Note that the Catalog userControl takes Category Name or Category ID as input, but not GUID
*Note that the Product userControl takes Product GUID as input
*We recommend using UrlRewriting.config settings to accomplish friendly URL's

Commerce for Umbraco Package File dc4umbraco_preview1.umb

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